PBN building services

Adult PBN building services

PBN building servicesPrivate blog networks or PBNs as they are referred to, are used to rank higher in Google and rack up the traffic that leads to early retirement. Sounds simple enough right? It is a strategy that so many site owners use to get a better link and a better authority status in order for their site to go up, up and away in search engines. We here at Adult SEO, provide cost-effective and efficient adult PBN building services.

By using our PBN building services, you will get the top quality and truly working adult PBN which will help you rank your adult sites like there is no tomorrow.

Here is what you get by using our PBN building services:

  • Domains TF/CF – 12+
  • Only clean and spam-free link portfolio
  • Adult related domains only
  • Domains having links from other adult sites
  • Links from 20-100+ root domains (if you get hundreds, it is likely spammed to death)
  • 100% indexed in Google
  • Hosted on different IPs all over the globe

How do PBN building services work? What’s the process?

First, we will find the domains that are TF12+, indexed in Google with clean and spam-free link portfolio. We make sure that the domains are adult related. Once we have all domain names, we set the hosting packages up. For adult PBN, we use either Hawk Host and/or Priority Prospect – both are great and can provide 100+ different IPs each.

Then we will install and configure the blogs. We will write the content and publish it. Once this is completed, we will send the whole report to your email with all the log in details. We will also push all the domains to your account.

Here are the two packages that we offer:

PBN Lite

1 x 500 words long article per blog (unique, original, hand-written).

All the set up as explained above.

$50/blog (minimum purchase of 10 blogs, then, $50 per extra blog, so if you buy 12, it will be $600).

PBN Premium

4 x 500 words long articles per blog (unique, original, hand-written).

Additional pages (About us (with content), Contact us, Privacy policy, etc …).

Custom logo for the blog.

Additional plugins (Spider Blocker, social sharing, etc …).

These sites will look like money sites instead of PBN sites.

$120/blog (minimum purchase of 5 blogs, then, $120 per extra blog, so if you buy 6, it will be $720, for 10 – $1,200).

For any of the packages, the domain price is already included. These PBN building services include domain research and acquisition costs which means that we will register the domain for you. No need to pay extra $10 per domain.

You will need to cover the hoting by yourself. If you need any help with setting it up, we will set it up for you for free. You will need to register for hosting, then provide us the credentials, then we will log in, set everything up, then you will pay the invoice of hosting and then we will set up the rest of the PBN.

If you wish to see samples or order the PBN, you can contact us. Of course, any questions and custom orders are also accepted.