Do's and Don'ts

Reselling Our Services

You want to resell our services? We do not have a problem with that at all, just place an extra on top of what you pay to us and make your income! If you have made some sales you will be eligible for a discount!

Reselling AdultSeo services have some basic rules to protect our brand.


You can resell our services as much as you want, you can promote it, claim you did it, ask your own prices, list any service anywhere you wish, etc.

Just follow the simple rules, make your own services with your own images and descriptions, do not promise things we do not state, you responsible for what you state in the service


Things you can NOT do when you resell our services,

  1. Do NOT copy/use our images,
  2. Do NOT copy/use our description,
  3. Filling a dispute to us

You are our buyer!! Your buyer is not our buyer!

If your buyer files a charge back/dispute, this has nothing to do with us, do not file a dispute to us because your buyer did, that is the risk of reselling and you have to take your loses.

We are NOT responsible for your buyers, you are the one responsible for your buyers. So do your research on your buyers.

If you not up to that check out our white label for agency or try our affiliate program

Stop thinking and start to resell!

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