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Adult Ghost Writer – Ghostwrite a 5000 Word

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Job Description

Adult Ghost Writer - Ghostwrite a 5000 Word

An Adult Ghostwriter and Professional Editor Have Different Skill Sets. It is simply not the same as a taxi driver does not have the same skill sets as a lorry driver.

Not every adult writer is a good editor, and not every editor is a good adult writer. Even if these two jobs have a lot in common in many ways, editing and adult writing are still two very separate, different skills and jobs.
Many people make the mistake in believing that just because they’re working with professional writers that those adult writers are going to produce stylistically and grammatically perfect work. This isn’t always the true. Some adult writers are great in ideas; others are experts at writing a concise but descriptive sentence. Whatever their adult writing strengths, it doesn’t follow that they necessarily are trained and aware of how to create a polished, error-free, stylistically consistent document/article.

Hiring a Professional Editor and an Adult Ghostwriter Means Normally Paying Twice

OK, so it’s pretty clear adult writers and editor do different jobs and are different jobs, but why is it so important to find someone who can do both tasks? Bottom line: it comes down to money, in reality your hard earned money, not to forget.

If you hire an adult ghostwriter, you’re paying for that person to create a particular document or manuscript. Adult Ghostwriting is a time-intensive and often collaborative process, and the industry standard isn’t cheap.

If you’re paying for something, the last thing you want to do is pay a third-party editor to clean up the typos and mistakes.

A Third-Party Editor Won’t Know Your Manuscript the Way Your Adult Ghost writer Does

There isn’t going to be anybody who knows your manuscript as well as your ghostwriter. He or she will have just spent months creating your document. It will be infinitely better if that ghostwriter has the skills to perform the edit.

Your ghostwriter will be keenly aware of the right kinds of edits to make because he or she will know the exact tone, style, cadence, and effect you, as the author, want. Pulling in an unknown third person at this stage could lead to edits or changes you’re not happy with or that directly contradict preferences you already discussed with your ghostwriter.

Again, all this leads to costly and time-consuming fixes and changes. This could be avoided if your adult ghostwriter was also an editor. (To help gauge if a candidate is qualified on the editing side, here are some simple questions to vet a potential editor.)
The Editing Fee Should Be Included in the Professional Ghostwriting Services

If you’re lucky enough to find a skilled ghostwriter who is also a qualified editor, that ghostwriter should be able to create an error-free, clean document without having to charge a separate fee for that service. In this way, working with a ghostwriter who is also an editor means you’re getting two professional services for one price.

We offering to ghostwrite a 5000 word story. We willing to work with a given premise, or come up with our own based on a prompt.

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A premise to base the story on that can be a short scene description or an idea of what the short story is about, with genre (contemporary, fantasy etc) and category (m/m, m/f, f/f).

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